FAQs- are you trying to draw attention away from Donald Trump Barrack Obama and Masons?

Answer- Yes

Response Why? – Because they are no longer in politics, no longer among us and no longer of any political importance now for 7 years.

FAQ- Can Masons post bail on Barrack Obama?

Response –  This answer is for people who do not believe that he was judged by God,

The answer is no masons cannot post bail on Barrack Obama

Response: Why?

Answer:  Barrack Obama was charged and convicted on murder in every degree and given mutiple life sentences.   Barrack Obama was tried seven years ago in the first round of the human right trials.  All live coverage of him and Donald trump has been false and made up these last seven years and even furthur back when Donald Trump Barrack Obama and the rest of them were making the videos before 2011.

Question: Doesn’t this you made sick?

Answer:  Yes it does but most disturbing are these people who are knowingly and deliberately ignoring all sound reasoning and basing their whole life on false news, false television, false cable and satellite and worse of all is this ”live coverage” strategy and ”lies” and ”false witness” that attempt to collaborate in conspiracy about ”live coverage”  to keep people deceived.

Lies in conspiracy are very dangerous and false media to go with the lies only makes things words and delays everything else.

Question: Are you looking forward to different things?

Answer – yes I am. But I will forever keep the processes of justice in effect under all circumstance so you all can go about your business in a world free of Masons.

Another question from Masons. – Why are you trying to draw attention away from Barrack Obama.?

Response: I am surprised at the ignorance of this question by lower level masons who have already read my answer posted above at the top.

A new question from lower level Masons. ” Is there any hope for masonry?”

Answer: Not in my book,  This last question lacks common sense,  Masons and Masonry have been charged and convicted of high crimes.  Why would I or anyone extend hope for this group?   Masonry is a murderous Idol worshipping secret society and all its members are standing trial even now.

Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st Nome de Plume JC Angelcraft Dominus Dominorumest et rexregum et reginarum

Previous Posting

Statement on Freedom of Religion  https://theoriginsanddevelopmentoffaith.wordpress.com/2018/01/17/statement-on-freedom-of-religion/

Statement  –  ”Occult religions are hidden religions.  Occult religions are often the secret religions politicians who worship Idols and are committed to the practice of occult rituals.”Adagio 1st

Statement – ”Men of occult reilgions such as Masonry look like ordinary people.  Masons stereotype poor people of all colors and from all nations and make them criminals.”  Adagio 1st

Statement – ”Although men and women of freemasonry and other cults and associations also subject to justice  its not the way masons want.  Masons and even lower level masons and practioners of the occult want men and women of their affiliate associations humiliated and dead.  They want to use the power and processes of justice to shame kill and humiliate women and men who were once their fellow associates. This behavior on the part of these former politicians only confirms their murderous habits.” Adagio 1st

Statement  ”I grew up in world where these things we know about Masonry today were denied and never discussed.  I grew up in a society where Masonry diverted attention to their crimes on to other Masons and non masons alike and pretended to be a non-religious group while denying good religion to penetrate the state. ”

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