This mornings work

My media and television resources are currently being used against this world this includes the press.

Be discerning in all things.

Untill this media holocaust intent on horrifying you with human child and animal sacrifices and wars and rumors of wars is over,  make sure to protect your eyes and ears from this news even false mason political news that looks nice, but is associated with lies rumors of war and all sorts of extra curricular death,

This mornings first hours work entailed a simple review of animal media for our next Desires of your hearts project.  But what I came across is media being used to lure children’s attention and efforts at using media to convey grotesque imagery.

When you look at any children’s media anywhere even on television its important to be discerning.

A television announcement can lead you to various websites all connected to Donald Trump or Obama or their mason equivalent through links and pictures posted on the website accounts.

This pattern is one we have been fighting now for sometime and is nothing new.  But it is still important to keep watch for men and people not yet brought to justice who remain lurking thinking the justice of God is weak.

Remember that you shall know them your enemies by their fruits and they use other people’s videos irresponsibly to convey grotesque and obscene messages and false political messages to the viewing the audience.

If you see a video that you like that looks innocent always look to see who owns the account and look an the entirety of their work.

This media holocaust is a war to keep you inside a Mason tunnel and ends only in the promise of death by the adherents of POTUS an International Organized crime network.

We have tons of media companies and some are currently under siege.  We shut down media companies and presses daily.

All offers of compromise  made to me by the current society of murderous nazi-socialist-communist-repubican-democrat-international-masons have been rejected,

Men and people should not mock the justice of God intended to rectify the record and put the world back on track free from new murderous secret societies in formation or others in loose association trying to get things started again.  These and even individual practitioners are mere shadows of the demons who preceded them, these new members seem  in on becoming like their predecessors and mason idols.

I leave you now with the days blessing and pray over you.  May our Holy Spirit who has no name bless and keep you.  May our Holy Spirit who has no name keep the light of truth and hope to always shine upon you.

May our Holy Spirit who has no name grant you peace

Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st Nome de Plume JC Angelcraft Dominus Dominorumest et rexregum et reginarum

Statement on Freedom of Religion

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