Judicium et Decretum Pars I


I am very happy to announce the start of one of many writing projects for the Peoples of the World. We the Peoples will together search history through the quagmire of freemason literature and writings to rediscover a different version of history and a more balanced version of history than the current historical record permits. I ask God’s Holy Spirit to bless our collective work knowing that there is much more goodness than our current histories reflected by our books in our schools and in our univeristy textbooks.

Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st nom de plume JCAngelcraft


Though the history of Rome begins much earlier to times and dates that for logical reasons we later backtrack, we the people together will write and create the new Rise and Decline of the Roman Empire with the Holy Spirit as our muse and guide.

We shall begin in the shadows of its decline when as a country in denial and in sin and filled with many hopeful souls and good and bad leaders, Rome existed by the Grace of God.

In Rome were many religions, but by todays records and writings none seem more prevalent than ancestor worship at the time where we begin our writing.

Rome was known as another mecca that embraced the idols and gods of the nations they had conquered.

Rome embraced a highly evolved ancestor and idol worship to whom sometimes they offered sacrifices and prayers.

The common Roman centurion embraced Mithras for courage in battle.

Mithras was an approved god of the Roman centurion.  About this time, Soldiers too practiced a lessor form of ancestor worship but not as lethal as the occult practices committed by some of its men in leadership who practiced human sacrifices.

Rome sacrificed many people secretly and privately before the beginning of its decline and even after.   These in most cases were soldiers or people in insurrection.  They sacrificed Christians and Jews unable to assimilate the Roman way of life.

Through war and peace, Rome enjoyed great stability. There was freedom of speech in Rome, but this freedom was to enhance knowledge and voice the opinions of change and free speech was not approved to raise an army. In Rome militias were considered absurd and treasonous ideas.

The right to assemble in Rome also carried with it many patriot duties, such as not to raise an army against Rome who offered many benefits in return to its citizens even the right to buy, to own and even the right to free their slaves.  Slavery in any state is not of God.

We are living right how in historical days and inside a myth of Rome and Greece wherein men are having great problems, practice the occult and have left the natural use of women.

We are living in a time where these self-styled freemason men of Rome and Greece once created a system of modern slavery to which end young boys and children and women were trafficked to a secret freemason elitists society to be sexually abused, murdered afterwards or sacrificed to the idol moloch and sometimes eaten using Greek fraternal rituals.

We today live in times when white supremacy and their occult teachings of human sacrifice created all sorts of political and religious doctrines bounded by the spells and vexations of 33 degree grand master wizards from Satanic knights orders and the ancient order of free and accepted masonry who also practice the path of Satanism.

Freemasonry is no longer accepted and white supremacy is a doctrine that has never been accepted but by the mouths of men and people unfit by God’s wisdom and by destiny to continue in society as they are.

Todays white supremacists are the children of a very evil former freemason communist socialists white supremacists society whose armies and politicians and paramilitaries have been judged by the God of Israel who continues to Judge the world even as we write together the forward to this future book.

We today live in times when white supremacy and their occult teachings of human sacrifice attempt to base their military history with great military dynasties of Greece and Rome and fashion themselves like Roman and Greek Senators and statesmen while having sex with each other and young boys who do all not survive their murderous freemason white supremacy rituals.

As freemasons and knights orders they succeed in creating a mixed society where White Supremacy barbarian rituals and human sacrifices are mixed in with modern society where men wear tuxedos and suits and ties, meddle in Politics and all sorts of criminal behavior aimed at the extermination of Peoples of the Planet.  In this they depart from any similarity of Rome or Greece.

Rome and Greece once fought against barbarian savages and Berserkers the practice of Druidism and human sacrifices who refused the ways of Roman and Greece also considered barbarian by todays standards but also to a more civilized degree.

Much of white supremacy has failed to catch up with the peaceful thinking of the modern world that they claim to have some part in its creation.  Their thinking is mired by their dedication to supremacy of the white race and their grand master plan.

Returning now to World War II  the leaders of Third Reich were so verily unskilled at logic and reason.  They were raised to believe in a system of white supremacy that only brought them and the world death and misery.

The Germans thought their leaders to be perfect Christians and it was good germans who provided the labor and technical expertise to bring to life any Ideas, the Nazi party leaders  had.  I might compare a Nazi board room, to a room of lunatics whose clear minded citizens brought forth Ideas and gave these Nazi Party lunatics too much credit for civilization and elevated their egos to the point of the complete Destruction of Germany and Europe.

White Supremacy lore and legends and scholarship is deep and misguided.  They are a very fragmented group of men and people who based on the conquering of Germany, Saxony, Gaul, associated themselves more with their Roman conquerors; but still practiced those religions of the Gauls and the Barbarians and even worse a modern Satanism that has evolved in Europe through the protection of occult religions by the religious occult of Satanic Knighthoods and the ancient order of Freemasonry the most corrupt, backwards thinking organization the world has ever known.

In terms of spiritual values, freemason white supremacist minds are fragmented with ideas of religion,  and logic affected by their practices of human sacrifices, mass murder, genocide, child trafficking, pedophilia and murder of children and women and countless of rituals and crimes to horrible to mention.

But through the visual architectural design of Rome and the drive of its citizens, was Germany’s self-esteem built and then destroyed by military-minded men of white supremacy under a deep system of occult religious thinking and stories that often associate sex with murder as well as many legendary military conquests that are not their own and based on histories that have everything to do and nothing to with their racial plans of extermination of the Peoples of the Planet.

Pretending to be Christian or Atheists white supremacist have destroyed everything that Christ stands for by their hypocrisy and continue to anchor themselves as idol worshipping Christians with alliances to militant Atheists  and other Idol worshipping groups.

Through many centuries the last of which in two world wars occurred,  God made manifest the destiny of German White Supremacy choosing against all things white supremacists which is so very important to our presentation.

Since God’s Holy Spirit has proven to me personally that there is reincarnation, I hope one day to be born in Germany, and raised as a  real Christian in a Germany filled with many Muslim Christians who embrace the truth and life of Christ as well as his resurrection as Mohammad.

Like tourists through time and space, as we are born again we will all pass again through — God willing — a non-white supremacy real Christian Europe and a World where [no] white supremacy Exists.

As a witness of the Judgment of God and before the Holy Spirit I bless mankind and womankind.  I testify what I know to be true about white supremacy who is self destroying together with the practices of freemasonry and the occult by its continual assaults on me and the Peoples of the Planet.

As a witness of the Judgment of God and before the Holy Spirit I bless mankind and womankind and  I testify what I know to be true about white supremacy whose heroes and legends are false and no good.

As a witness of the Judgment of God and before the Holy Spirit I bless mankind and womankind and  I testify what I know to be true about white supremacy and freemasonry a doctrine of demons whose self-destruction is eminent for its intents and purposes against the will of God for this planet.

Before God’s Holy Spirit I testify that mankind through the practices of the freemasonry white supremacy and the occult inside every form of Government, shall not long endure on this earth to destroy the lives of the Peoples of the planet.

Rome perhaps became what white supremacy is today infecting many countries with this disease of supremacy that was racial even then, before modern day white supremacy changed the course of anything good that might be found in the histories of men and the Peoples of Earth.  Old racism was easily measured and conquered by Rome through the military incorporation of even African countries much in the same manner as Egypt.  Slavery,  occult religion and lack of human rights and hypocrisy where perhaps Rome’s greatest faults and the reason for its fall and decline.

Rome or Greece were not destroyed by their better virtues that today serve as building blocks to governmen.  Rome and Greece’s better values and morales come from God’s Holy Spirit who is not acknowledged in their histories and has as God’s Holy Spirit been very prevelant in their history cutting through their Pantheons of Idols some of whom where once the Incarnations of Man and Woman.

But the fall of mankind, has made certain in many great civilizations, the last of which was Rome,  if a country or nation’s Peoples are not right morally, they will easily fall to the traps of unnatural men, lovers of the occult and murder,  liars and deceivers of the human race who conspire to destroy the nations that they pretended to build and establish.

Jose Maria Chavira MS Adagio 1st Dominus Dominorum est et Rex Regum et Reginarum nom de plume JC Angelcraft La Couronne Mondes Château Versailles Place d’Armes, 78000 Versailles, France-https://jcangelcraftversailles.wordpress.com/le-plume/

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